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Hello again.

2008-10-02 16:25:39 by artleybartley

Hello again... didn't I just say that? Anyway, thank you to everybody for voting for my animation (crap!) so uh... yeah. Kk enough boring stuff. Hello ladies and gentlemen. I have started working on a new animation. If you are thing: %$£* this, if his first animation is rubbish, it's obvious that his second one is going to be rubbish. Well... that's where your wrong. You see, my first animation I have done was rubbish cos' I rushed it. I just wanted to see what it was like to put up an animation first time on Newgrounds. (Don't forget I'm young, so I don't have enough experience on flash.) The good news is... I'm taking off the first animation. (Only when I've put my second one on.) and the bad news is... nothing.
And the other good news, my animation has taken time... like... the graphics are nice, nice music thanks to ParagonX9. And it's just been taken time. You'll see what I mean. Okay enough of the boring post. Take a look at this picture from the movie.
When I import the movie you won't notice because it is too fast. But I'm just showing you because it's my favourite picture.

Hello again.


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2008-10-02 21:26:51

in my series (don't excpect it soon realy DON'T) the first 3 ep's are ganna B about zombeh's and yes there is an island in it random man: why an island. me: COUSE I SAID SO BITCH *shoots man in faic* and i bet u will never geuss what it's called ^_^ so geuss first and then i'll tell


2008-10-19 22:38:17

erm r u dead


2008-12-30 03:51:47

i cant beleive your dead

artleybartley responds: